Harness Media is based in beautiful Salem, Oregon, USA, serving clients all over the world. We build websites of varying levels of complexity, from standard informational business websites to e-commerce solutions and beyond.

Decades of experience

Harness Media has been providing high-quality online development services since 1986. Through the years, we’ve continued to enhance our capabilities as technology evolved. We’ve been specializing in WordPress-based web solutions since 2008.

Positive and focused

A positive attitude ensures that we maintain a laser focus on your project. Based on the information you provide about your project, we use the power of positivity to resolve any issues and determine the best way to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Effective communication

Communication is vital to maintaining an efficient process and mutual understanding of the project scope. We’re available to you using various methods of contact to ensure you can reach us when you need us. You are important to us and we want to make that clear.

Evolution of competency

It’s important that we stay current with accepted standards of practice. The web development industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. As such, it’s critical that we stay educated on the latest procedures for security, stability and efficiency.

Client reviews

We love our clients and, in return, they love us, too. We’d love to add you to our list of very happy clients!

Our Skills

WordPress Web Design
Website Care & Maintenance
Web Development
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Community Management

Why Choose Harness Media?

We’ve helped many companies all over the world start, enhance and re-imagine their online presence. Let us do the same for you.

We’re proud to have a multitude of clients that have said great things about us. When we complete a project, of course we want to know what our client thinks of their new website. But even more than that, we want to know their feelings about the overall experience so we can learn and improve our policies and practices.

We don’t just hide behind our computers all the time. Yes, it’s a huge part of our work day, but we get out and network with other businesses in our local area, putting a face behind the name. We don’t just build websites; we build relationships.