We’ll setup a Hosted Exchange Full account for you with the number of users you specify. We’ll contact you with details about how to access your account, webmail, and other pertinent information so you can get started immediately.

Hosted Exchange Full email services are recommended for businesses, organizations, or individuals who need unlimited mailbox storage, maximum mobile synchronization features, calendar sharing, email encryption, and a free license of Microsoft Outlook for each user, among other great features.

Mailbox Storage
Unlimited mailbox storage is included so you don't have to worry about running out of space.

Outlook License Included
We include a FREE license to the full version of Microsoft Outlook. Available for Windows and Mac.

ActiveSync Included
ActiveSync is a program that manages synchronization of information, including e-mail, schedules, and application files, between a mobile device and a desktop PC and/or laptop that runs Microsoft Exchange Server.

DLP Encryption
This allows you to encrypt your outgoing email messages so that they are only readable by the recipient.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)
OWA is a web-based version of Microsoft Outlook that allows you to manage your email from any computer with Internet access.

Free Migration Support
We'll help you migrate to our hosted email system at no additional charge.

Spam & Malware Protection
Our system blocks 99 percent of spam and viruses, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe. With Quarantine Alerts, our system analyzes your email history and will automatically notify you if a message from or to a previous contact is quarantined for any reason.

Calendar Sharing
Share your calendar with employees, colleagues, or others.

Online Portal Access
Access to our online portal which allows you to manage your mailboxes, review spam and malware incidents, and much more.

Email Archiving (up to 50GB)
E-mail Archiving is the systematic approach to saving old e-mails within a mailbox, either to a local PST file, an external storage device, or perhaps a network resource.

30-Day Deletion Retention
Our system retains any deleted items for 30 days, so you can retrieve any accidental deletions within that timeframe.


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