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This one-time SEO package has been geared toward small businesses that do not currently have a marketing budget large enough to sustain an ongoing SEO plan. This service will help boost your business for a one-time fee.

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Website Audit
Our website SEO analysis report will identify on-site issues. We will send you a copy of the report for your records, and you can use it as a point of reference if you sign-up for more advanced SEO services with another provider.

Keyword Research
We will research keywords and phrases to find the ones that will drive quality traffic to your site. We’ll identify 5 keyword phrases that are the most competitive and suitable to your business.

On-Site Pages
We’ll update your website code, images, and tags as needed to meet Google guidelines. We’ll work to improve page loading speed, mobile format, and review the content to target your specific keywords.

Internal Links
Google loves it when you link to your own stuff from within your own stuff. We’ll identify appropriate text phrases within your content and link them to other internal pages within your website.

Meta Tags
We’ll configure the meta tags on your website pages to reflect our findings in the Website Audit and Keyword Research.

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Local SEO (optional)
If your company sells products or services locally or within a specific service area, our Local SEO service will promote your business online within those specific regions.

XML Sitemap Generation
We’ll create and configure an XML sitemap, which is basically a directory for web bots to easily index your website. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search bots love these things.

Image Optimization
Optimized images have smaller file sizes without sacrificing image quality. This can greatly improve your website’s load times, which not only makes your visitors happy, but also helps you rank better in search results.

Google Search Console
We’ll add your website to Google’s Search Console tool and submit your XML sitemap. This basically serves your website to Google on a silver platter.

Not Included
Our SEO services do not include aspects of website design or development, such as structural updates, overall layout, styling or mobile readiness. These are services best left to our WordPress Web Design packages. If your website was built 3 or more years ago, it is very likely that it is due for a refresh, in order to take advantage of the latest in web design trends and SEO standards.


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