We care about you and your website, which is why we offer Website Care Plans. One way we can express our feelings is through our Website Care Reports. Every client on one of our Website Care Plans receives a monthly report so they can see how things are going.

We report on basic traffic statistics, the updates we’ve made to WordPress, and security information in regards to your website and our entire hosting environment.

We hope that this provides you with peace of mind in knowing that your website is in good hands, while also giving you helpful information that you can use to improve your business.

Report Features

Traffic Statistics

We connect to your website’s Google Analytics account to provide you with a summary report. This allows you to see how your website’s basic traffic statistics without having to wade through all the crazy Google Analytics pages. We’ll report your page speed, number of site visits and page views.

Updates Updates

That’s not a typo. We’ll update you on the updates we’ve implemented for WordPress core, plugins and themes. This is one of the most critical aspects to keeping your website secure, so we want you to know that we’re keeping up on things.

Security Analysis

We’ll tell you how many backups we’ve stored for you, how many spam emails and registration attempts we’ve blocked server-wide, as well as other pertinent information. We even report the last time we checked to make sure your website wasn’t listed on any blacklists and is considered trusted in the online world.


We send these reports to you for many reasons — we want you to stay informed about how your website is performing and to let you know that we’re running a tight ship. Most importantly, however, we want to be transparent about what we are doing to keep your website running well and how we make that happen.