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Your Website Should Bring in More Customers

Features of Responsive Websites

Google Favors Responsive

Google has purposely adjusted their algorithms in recent years to give preference to responsive websites. This results in responsive websites appearing higher in search results and thus providing more traffic for you.

Website Relevancy

A website that looks great on all mediums will result in a higher level of longevity. When you use state-of-the-art technology to build your website, it proves that the final product is going to be of higher quality as well.

Higher Conversion Rate

If your customers are making purchases through the use of tablets and other mobile devices, then your conversion is increasing. Responsiveness encourages visitors to engage in your products and services.

Improves SEO

One of the primary benefits of a responsive website is the ability to optimize content for one link. A single URL for all devices prevents you from being penalized for duplicate content across multiple URLs.

Seamless User Experience

A responsive website provides for a vastly improved user experience over previous web technologies. This allows your potential customers to easily navigate your website from any device. Happy clients equal higher sales.

Cost Effective

You save money because you aren’t paying for duplicate versions of your website formatted for various devices. You also save money because there’s less content, formatting and configuration issues to manage.

Your Website Should

  • accurately reflect your brand
  • display properly on all devices
  • be easy to read and navigate
  • be simple to update and maintain
  • consistently show up in Google searches
With the templates and themes available today, anyone can create a nice-looking website. Your website should go beyond beautiful design. It needs to include proper coding and original content in order to be a proper representation of the dedication and value that drives your business. Plus your clients need to be able find you!

Let's do this.

A Note About How We Do Business

We build all of our websites with a full, standalone version of WordPress that allows you all the functionality and freedom you deserve from your website. Once we complete and launch your website, you are welcome to take it anywhere you want. Of course, we’d love it if you’d allow us to care for your website once we build it, but we understand you may have other options available to you.